piątek, 31 lipca 2009

An abandoned kitten

This is a cute little kitty that we found tonight on the street. She was very scared and was hiding under the car. We later found out that the kitty was left by some woman who didn´t want to keep her anymore! How some people can be so cruel?!! This was a really big street and im sure that sooner or later the kitten would have been run over by a car. Anyway, we are looking for a new, loving house for her and for now she will be with us.
I love Mexico, but these kind of situations happen here way to often...

2 komentarze:

Cat with a garden pisze...

What a cutie. The ultimate picture is so precious. Things like this are making us very angry too. And they happpen in Germany too!
We hope you find a very good home for the little one. Thank you for taking him/her in!

Maya pisze...

thank you for all the good thoughts :)